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Review: LYRA-8 & the PIPE by SOMA Laboratories (+ Interview)

Testbericht Guru (with additional explanation below):

SOMA Lyra-8 Analoger Synthesizer

A little bit more explanation about analog entity of Lyra:

There are just two places where you can meet something relative to the digital world.

1. Oscillators use HEF4093 chip that traditionally belongs to the digital world. But in LYRA, I use analog properties of the chip. As it’s used as a Shmitt Trigger that has a hysteresis loop that is analog property and it has a unique connection that takes a triangle output (well-known sound oscillators based on 4093 are used its digital output that is square) however the square output is used as well in the waveform shaping (the SHARP knob).

2. The second point where you can meet something digital is the delay. But in fact, digital there just the memory as on both ends of it we have PWM converters that have very shaggy sound and behaviour and all the rest is also analog – the clock generator that has an analog modulation input, the feedback loop that is 100% analog, the input and output filters, the mixer of the two taps and wet\dry knob all of them 100% analog, while in contemporary FX processors all of that is digital and in fact a piece of internal code of a DSP.

Interviews: FWkvGu7pKiV0Csa1YahBfNbKHvyrWSc2_mnvTBfO2mpi3Rrk